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The 2020 Green Wooden toys Christmas Team

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Time flies, years go by! The annual Christmas has passed, and the happy time has also gone! The following is the "Company Christmas Activities Summary Sample" collected by the editor for everyone, for reference only, I hope I can help you!

In order to thank customers for their love and support for Green Wooden Toy, and to repay the great help of xx friends from all walks of life to our company, the company decided to repay the society with evening parties and lucky draws. Green Wooden Toys Christmas was launched in the gym on December 25, 2020. The evening party, this event takes passionate modern dance, pop songs, sketch performances, tacit double reeds, and table tennis as the carrier, which integrates wisdom and humor, and is fun and fun.

, Under the general guidance of Mike, with the help of the engineering department, office, etiquette department and other departments of the company, this event has achieved satisfactory results. Now the specific content of the event is reported to the leaders and colleagues as follows:

The 2020 "Green Wooden toys Christmas Team" event lasted 1 month and 10 days from the early planning, mid-term implementation to the successful conclusion on the 25th. Although there were small twists and turns during the period, it was still smooth in the end. Now let’s do this activity. A decomposition, in the hope that if there is one, it will be changed, and if there is not, it will be encouraged.

1. Venue lease

Through the understanding of xx city, and the activity requires strong interaction, after preliminary investigation,

In line with the principle of "making the best use of everything", our department formulated a bill of materials based on the actual needs of the party and fully considered the publicity of third-tier cities, such as: wooden educational toys (8-10 yuan each), the original plan passed Contact the manufacturer to directly print the company logo and slogan on its surface to strengthen publicity. Due to time and other factors, it was ultimately unable to purchase.

3. Awards

The awards of this event were originally planned to be combined with the "Green Wooden Toys" gold and silver card member lottery activities. Later, because they were not approved when filing in the industrial and commercial department, they were temporarily changed to buyers and guests to participate in the lottery. Therefore, the design on the awards failed to achieve good results. Most of the awards in the whole event were obtained by buyers, which is also something we are pleased with.

Four, site layout

Periphery: To create an atmosphere for the event, but also pave the way for the next step of sales. Our department arranged arches along the street, and arranged a total of 8 hanging panels and 4 pops on the road from Jianshe Road to the gymnasium, and in the gymnasium. The colored lights hung on the tree in front of the door have a good publicity effect and atmosphere creation.

Infield: You can see the huge publicity of Building 1# and 2# at the first glance. At the same time, 4 banners are hung around the seats, corresponding to the small high-rise, the first-stage top-level multi-storey, the inner-street shops, and the second-stage model. Wait. Colorful balloons, large stage background, ribbons, etc. fully create a Christmas festive effect.

Five, on-site control

①Entering the market:

1. Since the company’s activities are divided into two organizational procedures, one is the venue organization, and the other is the green wooden toy hotel reception, so some of the staff did not arrive in time, resulting in the inability to divert the participants in time.

2. The active participation of xx owners is underestimated, and the time schedule is not in line with the personnel.

3. The personnel of the sibling units did not know enough about the entry procedures, especially when they entered the market, the management communication was not strong.

②Procedure of activities:

As the performance time was postponed for two days, the program adjustments were relatively large, and timely communication with the host and providing corresponding props became the focus of the performance, so that they failed to pay attention to arranging personnel to mobilize the atmosphere. The effect of the interactive program is average, because the convenience of on-site personnel participation is not taken into consideration, and the answers are more professional and more confusing. In addition, due to some reasons, the communication time with the host was short, and the host made several verbal errors.

③The issue of awards:

This event was organized for the more entertaining Christmas, so random free activities were mainly used in the lottery and awards of the event, which did not follow the original set procedures, such as inviting guests. Lottery and awards. Although the whole procedure _ feels very confusing, it is still appreciated by many customers in general. This ensures the transparency and fairness of the entire lottery.

Six, evaluation

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