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Company News

  • Status of China's Wooden Toy Industry
    As is known to all, medical raw materials ago since in industrial materials, happen to coincide with biocompatible, radioactive, microbial pollution, chemical residues and degradation of practical problems.
  • Green Wooden Toys Bulding TOP Sales Team
    When I first received a notice that Green Wooden Toy was planning to carry out team building activities on the weekend, all employees must participate
  • The 2020 Green Wooden toys Christmas Team
    The 2020 "Green Wooden toys Christmas Team" event lasted 1 month and 10 days from the early planning, mid-term implementation to the successful conclusion on the 25th
  • Green Wooden Toys FAQ
    Green Wooden Toys FAQ Can you make the toys with my own design and brand logo?Yes. We can manufacture according to customers’ design drawing or concept with customers’ brand logo. Artworks should be provided in vector files in formats of .ai or .eps or .psd.
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