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Green Wooden Toys Bulding TOP Sales Team

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When I first received a notice that Green Wooden Toy was planning to carry out team building activities on the weekend, all employees must participate,

I have a hundred unwillingness in my heart. I have been working for five days in a row. I want to take a good rest and be an "otaku" on the weekend.

Why do you want to occupy my weekend time. But when I really participated in the team building activity, my thinking changed.

By the time the team building activity ended, I even felt a little regretful. I felt that the activity ended too soon.  

Early on Saturday morning, most of our employees came to the company's downstairs according to the company's working hours, took a photo downstairs with the banner of the company's team building activity, and got on the bus.

I know the location of this team building activity. I have also voted in the company group before. Since I have no other choices, I might as well choose one that I’m interested in.

And it just so happened that this time I am going to go to the farmhouse that I voted for. I guess that many of my colleagues are like me, who want to take advantage of the spring season when the flowers are in full bloom and feel the atmosphere of spring.

   After we got to the farmhouse and reorganized a little bit, we started this team building activity. The main purpose of the company’s organization of this team building activity should be to let all of our employees get relaxed colleagues,

Increase the feelings between employees, make us more familiar and tacit, so that our company as a large group is more united, thereby promoting the development of the company, so at the beginning of the event, the leader of the team divided us into groups.

The people in each department are scattered, and basically people from several departments are in a group. Although they are all adults, the activities this time are still very simple, mainly the two activities of throwing the handkerchief and drawing you I guess. 

 The activity of throwing handkerchiefs has been played since childhood, so we are very skilled. At the beginning, the leader was the person who threw the handkerchief. If he didn’t find it behind him, he would perform in the circle around him.

So even with this kind of encouragement, all of us played very vigorously, and various embarrassing shows made us laugh, and unconsciously pulled everyone in.

And the show you draw I guess is based on our previous groupings, one stroke and other people guessed, and the final group to see the tacit understanding of the poor, but also to perform on stage, this program is a non-standard test of cooperation and tacit understanding,

So through your painting I guess such a form, so that we get along more harmoniously with each other also increased. 

 After playing for several rounds, we stopped to eat at the farmhouse until the restaurant. After the meal, we were led by the person in charge of the farmhouse to enjoy the beauty of spring. 

 This team building activity is over, but I have been thinking about the various activities just now in my heart. The chattering discussion of colleagues in the car also shows that I am remembering just like me.

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