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Status of China's Wooden Toy Industry

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Wooden toys have always been regarded as very traditional products with a strong nostalgic taste.

And lasting forever. Its unique texture, texture, and safety performance are beyond the reach of other materials toys.

Zhongkui is a big toy production country. Makes 75% of the world’s toys, but the middle is not

A strong production. Lack of large-scale manufacturers, lack of new product development talents, lack of brand

Effects and so on are the biggest problems encountered so far, and they have also become a constraint on the development of our wooden toy industry.

A bottleneck.

1. Status of China's Wooden Toy Industry

1. Sampling processing, low added value

The wooden toy industry in Zhongwei is mainly distributed in Zhejiang and surrounding areas, although the sales volume is large.

But basically it entered the border market in the form of 0EM, and obtained export licenses in these

Among the manufacturers. More than 70% of toys are processed with supplied materials or samples, which means they are made for foreign brands.

The added value of the product is very low. Manufacturers can only use cheap domestic labor to earn a small amount

Processing fee.

2. Lack of professional designers of Weilai toys

The occupation of toy designer in my country was established by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on March 31, 2005.

Published. There are not many colleges and universities offering toy design majors in the country. Related toy design

The teaching system and training plan of the accounting profession is not perfect yet, resulting in a shortage of graduates


In order to improve their independent research and development capabilities, many toy companies can only focus on graphic design and industrial design.

Exploring and training 1 talents in related professional fields, and many graduates of such majors are engaged in wood processing

Information about craftsmanship is not known to the county and often appears. Knowledge but no culture. Phenomenon, with corresponding knowledge

Knowledge reserves, but the scope of knowledge is not wide, and there is no design based on the characteristics of the industry, market or consumers.

meter. Therefore, after entering the company, graduates need a long time of training and exercise to become familiar with

Knowing and adapting to the situation of the industry, this virtually increases the operating cost of the enterprise.

Companies need market-oriented designers instead of self-centered designers.

After all, the key to testing the success of the design is the reaction of market consumers. .

3. The company's brand awareness and intellectual property protection awareness are poor

so far. Many companies do not have a complete corporate image planning plan, and some are just

Behave. There is no overall image planning and planning.

Mid-peripheral toys and toys with independent intellectual property rights are different concepts. Only pay attention

Only by developing and producing unique toys with independent intellectual property rights can we fundamentally improve our country’s

Economic benefits of the toy industry.

4. Place hope on marketers and ignore designers

Many companies want to be able. Walk the amount’. Often put the focus of work and training on the marketing team

On the team, neglecting the training of designers. Designers consider in the process of product design

Yes. Design one product one product one sale. _This ~ the complete process, and the marketer’s work

The heart is how to turn products into commodities. In fact, design and marketing are not contradictory, and complement each other

Together. Design requires the participation of marketers, and sales will inevitably be inseparable from the previous regulations of designers.

Planning, how to find the selling point of the product, the key lies in the designer.

5. Count on foreign sales and ignore domestic sales

In my country, the vast majority of toy companies focus on export sales, while ignoring domestic

market. According to the statistics. Among the more than 1.3 billion people in China, children and infants under the age of 14

It is close to more than 300 million people. There are 360 million children under the age of 16. Accounted for 25% of the entire population, accounting for

About 1/3 of the ball of school-age children. They constitute an unusually large group of toy sales.

However, the annual per capita toy consumption of urban children in China is about RMB 35. Less than 10 rural children

Yuan, 12 Yuan for urban adults, and almost zero for rural adults. Presumably, by mid-20lo

Tian’s toy consumption is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan. Why can’t we make such a huge market?

The consumption P is worth our thinking. in fact. What is missing for domestic sales is not the market but the market


2. Explore the design trend of wooden toys

"Design creates value, design guides consumption", based on the current wooden toy market

It is estimated that the design of wooden toys will develop in the following directions in the future.

l. Fuzzy gameplay

Dr. Su Kaicheng from the National Institute of Education in Singapore said: We should encourage children to break

Bad toys. Assemble the parts into new things instead of emphasizing that they follow the toy

Designed to play. Parents should not warn children which toys are specially played by boys, which

These are played by girls. .

At present, many wooden toys on the market have a single play, and some even match detailed play

The law shows that this can easily obliterate children’s creativity.

Uncertain the rules of the game, use the gender of the target, and do not stipulate the gameplay. Exaggerate the creativity of children

Powerful toys will be one of the focuses of future toy development.

2. Product serialization

. Barbie doll. It has been rated as the girl's most favorite Christmas gift for many years, and it sells more than 150

Countries and regions, with total sales of 10 billion. This beauty between a little girl and an adult woman

Surrounding young girls has become the beloved thing of men, women and children in the world. Mainly due to BARBIE’s heavy

Depending on the launch of new products. When a product is selling hot. They will seize the opportunity to launch relevant

Products, so that consumer interest continues.

The sales life of toys is generally not long.

With very different patterns, it is a very big challenge for both toy manufacturers and designers.

Paying attention to the serialization of toy products will improve the brand, expand sales, and reduce development costs

One of the good ways. For example, if you have developed a NODAY castle, you can consider the subsequent development of NO.

DAY farms, churches, hospitals, etc. are connected by roads between each other, which can improve consumers

The interest of attention can also be the production cost and sales cost of 6 vehicles.

3. Interactive family affection

When designing some interactive toys. Consider adding more affection effects

to cultivate. At present, many parents have little communication with their children because of their busy work. Toy is

A good communication platform, so toys are required not only to attract children, but also to attract

people. And through the cooperation of games to increase the feelings between parents and children.

Interactive, cooperative, and game toys will be the main development trends in the future market.

4. Fashionable styles

Grasping the most cutting-edge fashion factors is an essential skill for every designer. Designers are not only

It is necessary to pay attention to the changes in toys, but also to the development trend of related products or industries. A good design

Accountants need to have keen currency insight.

There are many channels for children to receive information, and they are greatly influenced by the outside world. The latest and most fashionable

Shapes and colors tend to attract their attention. For example, in traditional beauty like Barbie doll

Girls are popular for more than 50 years. In 2001, the American McA company used street culture as the background to promote

Distinctive personality, cynical attitude, and the most fashionable design

. BRAlz. The series of products are loved by children.

5. Diversified materials and universal accessories

First of all, the development of wooden toys should pay attention to the diversity of materials. Good designers should not

Only put the design center on the appearance of the product, and deal with the processing technology and new materials of the product.

Research and demonstration on the development and utilization of materials. For example, can the strength of bamboo be used to replace metal

Can we use sliced thin bamboo for veneer to make products with bamboo texture effect?

Secondly, the development of wooden toys should pay attention to the universalization of accessories.

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