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The intellectual and innovative wooden toys

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      As a kind of toy with a profound historical background, educational wooden toys have been handed down and have advantages and characteristics that cannot be ignored. At present, there are more than 100 million preschool children in China. Parents' educational problems for preschool children and related wooden toys The intellectual and innovative nature of the puzzle shows a high degree of attention. In the face of such a large consumer group, the market for educational wooden toys is in short supply. Compared with foreign design, the Chinese design link does not pay enough attention to the psychological and behavioral characteristics of preschool children, which leads to the status quo that designers are vague about the growth and development characteristics of preschool children at various stages, and toy products are not well-targeted. It aims to be able to carry out the innovative design of educational wooden toys in a more targeted manner by studying the psychological and behavioral characteristics of preschool children and combining relevant design principles and methods. This article first studies and analyzes the origin, development and classification of educational wooden toys, as well as the development status, development prospects and lag of domestic and foreign markets, and summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the development of educational wooden toys from various perspectives. Improve methods. Secondly, the different physical, cognitive, social development and psychological characteristics of preschool children at the three ages of the first, middle and last years are studied. Combined with educational wooden toys, the cognitive development, character formation, and emotion of preschool children are studied. The beneficial effects of development, healthy development, and aesthetic development are analyzed and summarized, and from the aspect of preschool children’s play behavior, the influence factors of preschool children’s play behavior on the design of related educational wooden toys are further analyzed. At the same time, it analyzes the design elements and timeliness of educational wooden toys from many aspects, and combines related toy products to put forward five core concepts about the design of educational wooden toys, modeling, culture, thinking and space. In-depth study of the innovative design strategy of educational wooden toys, combining the essential characteristics of educational wooden toys and the development space of market products, and exploring green design, improved design, innovative design, and conceptual design from a professional perspective the study. Finally, the investigation and analysis of the design elements of educational wooden toys are carried out, and the user needs, thinking concepts and actual conditions are unified and integrated, and the toy product design and development are carried out. It is hoped that the research results of this article can better meet the needs of users and promote their growth. The healthy development of China can also better provide ideological guidance for the research field, and to a certain extent promote the innovation and transformation of enterprises, the design industry and the entire toy industry, so that China will move from a big toy manufacturing country to a toy design powerhouse

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