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Wooden Toys Educational for Children

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Representative wooden toys include building blocks, puzzles, and small pianos. The functions are different and can develop children's potential in all directions.

wooden block

This is one of the most common wooden toys that almost every child has played with. When choosing the type of building blocks, it should also be based on the child's age and intellectual development. You can select the blocks with a small number of pieces first, and then choose the blocks with a larger number of pieces. At the beginning, you can ask your children to build according to the picture. Later, you can mix several sets of building blocks together to let the children build freely to enrich their imagination.

Puzzle toy

This is a wooden toy that cultivates children's memory and appreciation. Its selection mainly focuses on the color and artistry of the picture. When choosing a spelling for children, you should pay attention to starting from easy to difficult, start to choose some simple pictures, so that children can remember to build together, and gradually increase the complexity of the pictures. When selecting, mainly check that the sticker should be flat and free of angles and stains.

Small piano

When choosing a small piano, you should start with the tone and pitch. Flick the keys with your hands, the sound you hear should be in the seven-tone scale, and you can play with a piece of music. Then check the wooden piano body, it should be firmly bonded, no cracks on the surface, no paint hanging, no paint peeling, and bright colors. Turn the piano body upside down and observe its back. It should be basically smooth and clean without significant stains. Since the small piano is equipped with a metal string, it cannot be hit at will to avoid damage.

 Introduction to the types of wooden toys

   Role-playing category: Role-playing games are a kind of game that young children prefer. In role games, the dolls act as different roles, and different roles have different identities, and different identities have different performances, such as various languages, actions, images, etc. These different roles are the children's contribution to the future society. Initial experience of role identity.

   It is an important part of early childhood education that children learn to communicate and be good at communication, and role play is a game activity that cultivates children to develop correct communication behaviors.

   Pre-school education: while training the baby's inlay ability, practice big movements, train children's fine movements, inspire children to accurately understand shapes, numbers, and quantities, and then exercise muscle flexibility.

  Tools: In the process of letting babies know and master the shape, color and structure of various tools, it will train babies and young children's practical hands-on operation ability and hand-eye coordination ability, and develop imagination. Improve infant's cognitive ability, analytical ability, imagination, and encourage children's sense of accomplishment.

Building blocks: to stimulate the baby’s hands-on interest, cultivate children's space imagination ability of reasonable combination and match consciousness, let the baby recognize different colors and shapes; exercise the baby's hand-eye coordination ability; understand the geometric shapes and the number; cultivate the classification of shapes and colors Ability; improve baby's imagination

  Beading: Beading exercises can exercise the child's hand-eye coordination ability, the cooperation and cooperation of the hands and the exquisiteness of the hands, making the baby's wrist more flexible. At the same time, children can count, perform simple additions and subtractions, use shapes for matching, classification, etc.

  Puzzle category: It is composed of various puzzles with different forms and rich content. Children have a certain understanding of the combination, split, and recombination of graphics.

On the basis of knowledge, exercise the ability to think independently, and cultivate the patience and perseverance of infants and young children.

  Dragging class: improve the baby's cognitive ability, let them know the different characteristics of various animals according to different dragging animals, and exercise the baby's ability to walk in a large range.

Transportation toys: Based on the baby's certain understanding of the structure of trains, cars and various engineering vehicles, train their ability to assemble, drag and organize, improve their hands-on awareness and self-care ability in life, and understand the relationship between objects through assembly The transformation relationship.

Wooden toys generally have natural, abstract, and artistic forms. The natural form expresses the essence of the toy and gives comfort to the soul, while the abstract form expresses the intellectual factors of the toy, giving people unlimited reverie. The artistic form expresses the appreciation factors of toys and gives people a sense of beauty. When a person is depressed, if he is admiring a big and stupid toy, he will be more painful. At this time, he appreciates a toy with bright colors, elegant appearance, and looks very happy, and his mood will be very different.

Wooden toys are not only unique in intellectual development, but also have good characteristics in other aspects. Practical safety is the first. Because wooden toys are made of wood, they are non-toxic and tasteless, and are good for children's physical and mental health. It is very helpful, and there are advantages such as non-breaking, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance. This is also the factor that foreign countries are keen to buy Chinese wooden toys.

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